Apple, Amazon and Microsoft in a fierce competition for the tablet business

Apple, Amazon and Microsoft engaged in a fierce competition for the tablet business. Now, the market research firm IHS iSuppli, the material costs of iPad mini, Surface and Kindle Fire HD discovered compared and that the profit margins is changed drastically.The current generation of the pad manufacturers are experimenting with new sales models and mixed calculations.

Microsoft Surface estimates iSuppli expert Rassweiler, would cost in the sum of the parts about $ 271 for the most basic 32-gigabyte version (without cover). The display of Samsung suppliers do it with around $ 137 for about half of these costs. In the store, the unit is finally for $ 499. Rassweiler recognizes that compared to the costs it is relatively low selling price. It is intended to attract potential tablet buyers and purchasing for products that are more expensive. The cost Microsoft in manufacturing around $ 16, but will sell for $ 120.

The business with the accessories

How well it can work a deal, Amazon has already shown us with the very expensive Kindle Covers. Sometimes the cost are half as much as the best e-book reader the Kindle series is. Amazon is still a mixed calculation, as iSuppli wants to recognize the ratio of material costs to selling price of the Kindle Fire HD. The cost in Amazon Webshop only $ 199 for Amazon. The sheaths that Amazon itself offers beat, with another 45 dollars on the bill, as and a simple charger with quick charge costs another $ 20.


The newly introduced iPad Mini for Apple probably does not help. The autopsy of iPad components showed a price items totalling approximately $ 188 for 16 gigabytes / Wireless version. Apple sells it for $ 329 (same price in euros). Nevertheless, as always, Apple deserves the accessories business very well. That with the device alone is no golden apple to earn confirmed Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer: The profit margin of the new iPads is “substantially less” than other Apple products.

The question remains what are the numbers from iSuppli actually worth. Actually cost depends on the quality standards of the manufacturer, how many components of a given type decreases a manufacturer, over what periods contracts are closed, and many more factors.