Asus RT VivoTab – a tablet that is laptop computer

This notebook is a tablet or vice versa. The VivoTab RT is an example of how PC makers use the power-saving version of Windows 8 to realize exceptional concepts. We tested whether such a combination package makes sense and is fun.It uses Microsoft’s Windows operating system RT. This is a variant of Windows 8, which is designed specifically for tablets, so that Windows can also compete on the flying machines with iPad and Android tablets.To do that, Windows 8, however, had to be altered fundamentally.

First, it was adapted to the low-power tablet processors, which usually work with the chip technology developer company ARM. On Intel chips only run Windows 8 on ARM chips (such as the Tegra 3) Windows only RT. This also means that normal Windows programs will not run on Windows RT. In addition, Microsoft has specified that only programs from the Windows Store, Microsoft’s online store, can be installed on RT, and software from other sources is denied the operating system.

Perennial typewriter

The result is a tablet with an OS that looks like Windows 8, feels just like Windows 8 and Windows 8 is not yet. In addition, that is good, because with a normal Windows VivoTab the RT would hardly nominally eight hours of battery life. If you couple dock and tablet together is the socket working loose, it can even be extended up to 16 hours, Asus promises.

How long you can actually work on battery power, in the end, however depends, on what you are doing. As a portable typewriter, the VivoTab RT hold two relaxed working days, probably not as slot and video machines.

Doubly hard

Used as the Tablet is good VivoTab RT especially for couch surfing and email. The screen is recommended with its HD Ready resolution and a video screen. The fun thing about YouTube is detracted a bit in that its controls are represented by the high resolution in full screen mode is very small, and so are difficult to meet with the fingers. For the hands-free usage should go in the Asus because it is nice and light.