The Aldi tablet – That sounds good

That sounds good: 399 euros will cost the Medion P9516 LifeTab at Aldi. However, you get a flat computer of the 10-inch class with dual-core processor, Wi-Fi, UMTS and 32 GB of flash memory. Yes, 399 euros will cost the Medion P9516 LifeTab at discount supermarkets Aldi, equipped with 32 GB of memory, Wi-Fi and UMTS. Apple’s iPad with comparable equipment is more expensive in the current version 300 euros. However, hardware and software of the new Medion tablets not current.

Therefore, if you compare it with the previous model better iPad 2, Apple has continued to offer. Apple provides the iPad 2 with only 16 GB of memory. The wireless version it costs just as much as the Aldi Tablet, including UMTS module but you have to spend even 519 Euro. In addition, in every respect, the Medion device is not only heavier than the iPad 2 (750 instead of 613 grams), but also much thicker (13.3 instead of 8.8 mm).

It feels clunky and difficult, at least if you are used an iPad. However, it also offers some technically what some miss the Apple tablet. So you can extend the built-in memory via microSD card or “transferred from a USB flash drive and connect input devices such as keyboard and mouse” data via USB host function, such as the manufacturer advertises.

True, but a USB port on the tablet has not yet. Instead, a USB adapter for the so-called multi-function cable included. Ever plugged in, just like once with the Aldi PC, plenty of accessories in the box. In addition to AC adapter and USB adapter is an HDMI cable to connect to TV while, also USB cable for connecting to PC, two cleaning cloths, a screen protector, a cheap headset, a leather pouch, plenty of leaflets and a starter pack for the Aldi Talk prepaid wireless service.

Sometimes a bit slow

Less satisfactory, but it should open the covers of the slots for SIM and memory card. To unlock it, you have to press hard with a supplied bracket in small holes next to the covers. Unfortunately, this clip is shaped like a thin metal that is feared on the first try to cancel it. If that happens, the loss would be bearable, because an ordinary paper clip will do the job just as well.