Both Samsung and LG to launch smartphones with flexible screens in September?

Looks like the Korean duo is preparing to yet again bless the world with flexible screen-equipped smartphones in September. According to DigiTimes‘ sources, Samsung may launch a device with its three-sided Youm display technology and as far as we (don’t) know, that could be the forthcoming Galaxy Note 4. Speaking of which, it may be available in two different versions, one with a regular flat screen and the other with fancy Youm display.

Meanwhile, LG may go for a device that has a G Flex-like flexible display. It may not be successor of that model — we’ve heard the Flex 2 won’t be available until next year — but some other device. Perhaps now’s the right time to bring flexible screens to mainstream users. We like how that sounds. ;)

It remains to be seen whether consumers will flock in numbers to get phones with flexible displays. Last year’s Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex are far from being considered bestsellers; perhaps this time round both Samsung and LG find a way to make their high-end gear sexier in the eyes of the users. We’ll see…